Senior Pastor Eugene Ellington


Pastor Eugene Ellington was born the second eldest of four children, born to the late Deacon James and Levonia Ellington.  All three of the Ellington sons are ministers of the Gospel. Pastor Ellington holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters of Public Administration from Xavier University.  He is also a student of WHW Ministries in Los Angeles California where he studies expository teaching and preaching. 

Pastor Ellington was baptized at the age of seven at Southern Baptist Church where he served faithfully until he was called to pastor. During Pastor Ellington’s tenure at Southern Baptist he served in several ministries, including, Director of the Media Ministry and New Members Ministry, Chairman of the bus ministry and the Day Care Board, Praise and Worship Team, Board of Christian Education, and Deacons Ministry and many more too numerous to list.

On June 10, 2005, Consolation Baptist Church extended a call to its fifth Pastor, Pastor Eugene Ellington.  Pastor Ellington preached his first sermon as Pastor of Consolation Baptist Church on July 3, 2005.  Pastor Ellington and his late wife Claudia began to serve the members of this church as the Lord leads them. After a four year battle with Cancer Lady Ellington received her wings and the Lord called her home March 1, 2017. Lady Claudia Ellington left a lasting mark on Consolation Baptist Church.

Over the past 13 years, over 200 new members have been added to the Kingdom  Under Pastor Ellington’s leadership, many new ministries have begun, to include, Youth Church, Transportation, Media Ministry, Women Ministry, Outreach Ministry. The church outgrew its facility on Dorchester and purchased a building in College Hill. Pastor Ellington managed the $255,000.00 renovation of that facility.

Eugene Ellington resides in Liberty Township, Ohio.  Pastor Ellington has four adult children Sherrie, Courtney, Maria, and Christopher, One Son in Law Darrin and four grandchildren Kennedy, Sydney Mya, and Claudia. 

Pastor Ellington simply wants to be known as a man of God and who loves God’s People.