Our Mission and Vision


Our Mission

To love the people of Cincinnati into relationship with Jesus Christ and to give away to the world what God has given us.

We Will Be:

  • A diverse, celebratory church of missional, disciple-making communities in every neighborhood.
  • A relational citywide network strategized on reaching Greater Cincinnati.
  • Reproducers and developers of outward-focused churches worldwide.

Our Vision

Imagine a collection of surrendered and transformed people who love God and others. They are mesmerized by the idea that this is not about them, but all about Jesus. They are transfixed by His story and His heart for their city.

They are seedthrowers and firestarters, hope peddlers and grace-givers, risktakers and dreamers, young and old. They link arms with anyone who tells the story of Jesus. They empower the poor, strengthen the weak, embrace the outcast, seek the lost. They serve together, play together, worship together, live life together. Their city will change because God sent them.

They are us.

We believe that small things done with great love will change the world.